Monday, November 3, 2008

The Economy and Your Wine Budget

Has the recession and the falling Dow Jones average affected your wine budget? I know it has mine. The other night at The Night Thing, I had to replace several dozen price tags on our bottles with new (higher!) prices. Some of the prices haven't changed for months. And , all categories in our store saw increases. Even our "budget" bottles and some of our hidden Spanish and Rhone gems won't be immune.

I know I will be watching my budget more carefully; probably buying much less than before, but trying new varietals and countries and maybe raising the quality of the bottles a little. And taking much smaller sips, so the bottles will last longer!

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious what economic forces are currently at work to raise retail wine prices in view of the declining euro (and other currencies such as the Aussie dollar), commodity and energy prices.