Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Not a Wonderful Ad Campaign

It's a fuzzy photo from my cell phone, but hopefully you can make it out. Here is a banner advertisement seen this past week on the #6 CTA bus. You may recognize the typeface as well Donna Reed and James Stewart listening in on their phone (don't you miss those old school phones?)

No, Donna and James are not promoting another airing of It's a Wonderful Life, their images are promoting a vital Illinois institution which, to my knowledge, is completely corruption-free!

I'm not an anti-gambling crusader, and am not advising readers to boycott the Illinois lottery. When the jackpot passes one hundred million, I will wait in line for a ticket or two and fantasize about all the Bordeaux and Burgundy I will fill my cellar (aka 6 x 6 x 9 feet storage locker) with should I win.

But there must be some more creative method to promote the lottery than to exploit images from a classic movie that promoted, let's see, thrift, loyalty, humility; not exactly character traits in abundance in Illinois right now!

To use a famous wine descriptor; this banner ad is icky. Lottery tickets are not a Wonderful Gift, and holiday ad campaigns for the lottery are not a Wonderful Idea.

P.S.: And I am not even a big fan of the movie!

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