Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Taste of Chicago 2.0?

If you're a serious Chicago Foodie, you will want to mark two dates on your calendar. According to the Chicago Tribune, on May 20, a press conference will be held here in Chicago to announce "Chicago Gourmet", a food and wine event scheduled for Millennium Park from September 26-28.

Millennium Park held an excellent wine festival co-sponsored by Binny's last fall. It's an lovely place for a classy food or wine event; plenty of space to walk around, room to sit down or spread a blanket.

No details have been released yet about what chefs and restaurants will be represented, but I'm sure you have some favorite places that just wouldn't feel right at Taste of Chicago that would be much better showcased at an event like this.

If you were designing an event celebrating the fine cuisine of this city, what would you include? Feel free to comment below! Also, if you involved with the planning of this event and want to give your favorite new Chicago blogger a sneak taste, please comment or email me!

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