Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to Chicago Pinot!

Welcome to Chicago Pinot (and Other Favorites!)

Here's a pic of me (in full interview mode!)

and one that is much more casual!

Thank you for visiting my first blog!
I have learned so much from reading other wine blogs, and have wanted to start my own for a long time.

I'll be focusing on wine events and stores and cool restaurants here in Chicago. Our city has many great wine shops, both small and large. I'll post reviews and commentary about the wine scene and (as soon as I learn how!) link you to other online resources you may enjoy.

Maybe I will share some of my other passions over time (that's where the Other Favorites part in the title comes from).

I am in my forties, and have been curious about wine for about five or six years now. You can call me a "beer graduate"; ten years ago I was much more into craft beer. And I still follow the beer world, but am more likely to drift to the wine section of a package store if I am visiting for the first time.

I have a great day job working for the city of Chicago, but I am about to start an evening part time position in the wine trade. Don't want to get more specific now, but please wish me luck!

I don't want to give my real name (yet) so for now, just call me Chicago Pinot (or CP for short!) You can email me at

Hope to hear from many of you soon!


VinoGirly said...

Chicago Pinot ;)
Cute name! & Great little blog start. I can see where you are going with it and it should be a lot of fun! Don't forget your favorite wine shop in the NW suburbs! I just brought in a Pinot Noir from Oregon- Chateau Benoit, it is really nice and pretty affordable! You should make a trip back out here and check it out!

ChicagoPinot said...

Thank you for writing! I will definitely check out your store again, probably to buy some Pinot!

I'll write a little more about Pinot Noir very soon, but I do love the Oregon area for Pinot. I have a couple of Patricia Greens in my cellar right now, just waiting for the next special occasion.

Joe said...

Hey Chicago! Great start to the blog! We can't wait to see what adventures you take us on in the windy city.


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